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Gadget record is an independent record company with international network. We represent 77 Bombay Street, Adrian SieberBaby GeniusClawfinger, Dada Ante Portas, HechtLovebugs, Pee Wirzredcharly and Zorg and represent various other national and international acts through exclusive licensing and/or distribution agreements. We also offer independent marketing- and promotion-services to national and international acts.

A & R / Demos
Gadget Records is interested in new talents, and our music specialists reviews all incoming material. Please include the following items in your demo submission: CD, info about artist / band and web links as well as an email contact address. Our postal address is as following:

Gadget Records AG, A & R Department, Heinrichstrasse 269, 8005 Zurich, Switzerland

Important Note
We review all demos thoroughly. By interest on our side, we will contact you. Due to the amount of material which we receive, we ask for your understanding regarding that no personal feedback can be made. If you have not received feedback within 4 weeks of us receiving the material, it is to be assumed that not enough appendages for collaboration with Gadget exist. Due to costs, demo material can not be returned, therefore we ask you to please do not send us any original material or masters!